Valuation Consulting & Transaction Support, Tailored for Structured and Asset Financing

Areas of Practice

leasing & collateral Valuation

Rushton Atlantic provides a full range of valuation services for leasing and asset-based financing domestically and internationally. We assist at the inception of new transactions, with end-of-lease analyses and portfolio valuations.                                

We understand the valuation-related requirements of transaction underwriters, asset managers, lawyers and accountants in successfully closing transactions, monitoring portfolios and disposing of assets, and can facilitate transactions by anticipating issues and advising on customary industry practices.

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Renewable & conventional Energy 

The Rushton Atlantic team has worked extensively in solar energy, and other renewable technologies including wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass, as well as in related technologies including battery storage and energy efficiency.                         

Our team also has extensive experience in the valuation of fossil fueled generation facilities and transmission lines, as well as oil, gas and petrochemical refineries, pipelines and gas gathering systems, for financing and insurance purposes.

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litigation support & expert testimony

Will it stand up in court?                                                 

For legal issues involving current or historic values of real and personal property, or challenges to previously performed appraisals, we can assist with consultation and expert testimony.                                                  

We can provide assistance on appraisal issues associated with domestic or cross-border lease transactions, asset financings or other tax or corporate litigation.



Our team has valued infrastructure assets on five continents, and provides valuation services to support contracting, financing, privatization, and acquisition of these assets around the globe. Services related to infrastructure financing and investment include:

  • Independent asset valuation
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Cost segregation (allocation of assets into tax depreciation classes)
  • Collateral appraisals
  • Transaction support for tax structuring

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energy efficiency financing

Energy efficiency retrofits utilize a broad range of financing structures from commercial and residential PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), to energy service contracts, on-bill repayment plans, and solar securitizations.  

These transactions involve leverage restrictions and predictable energy savings, requiring valuations both pre- and post-retrofit, and a sufficient understanding of the technologies to confirm energy cost savings and their impact on property values.


Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Asset values are a key component to any corporate restructuring, and may be premised on fair market value in continued use, or forced or orderly liquidation.         

Whether for reorganization, refinancing, asset disposition, litigation or liquidation, valuation is critical in a bankruptcy or restructuring situation. We can assist with needs related to liquidation or collateral valuations as well as fresh start accounting.

insurable value

Our professionals of have been valuing commercial assets for insurance purposes for over 35 years, and we can support our clients’ insurance needs in North America and around the globe.                                    

A properly conducted current insurance valuation provides correct insurable values and assures proper coverage and appropriate premiums.  We customize our services to meet our clients’ needs from thorough onsite inspections with detailed asset listings to desktop analyses and updates.                                                            

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purchase price allocation

We provide allocation services under ASC 805: Business Combinations, for financial reporting and taxation purposes.  We specialize in transactions in capital-intensive sectors including energy, infrastructure, transportation and manufacturing.    

By identifying tangible assets, including real andpersonal property, and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, customer relationships, software, leaseholds, etc., we can assist our clients in optimum transaction structuring and tax planning.


Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News / Getty Images
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News / Getty Images