Leasing services

Leasing Services

Rushton Atlantic provides a full range of valuation services related to leasing and asset-based financing, both domestically and internationally.  These include services provided at the inception of a new transaction, end-of-lease analyses, portfolio valuations and if necessary litigation support.

Our professionals understand the valuation-related requirements of transaction underwriters, asset managers, lawyers and accountants in successfully closing transactions, monitoring portfolios and disposing of assets.  With our extensive experience in the field, we can facilitate transactions by anticipating issues and advising on customary industry practices.

Our services support domestic transaction types including:

  • Single-investor leases
  • Leveraged leases
  • Synthetic leases
  • Secured debt

Services provided include:

  • current fair market values
  • projected residual values
  • economic useful lives
  • loan-to-value ratios
  • other support required for the economic analysis of new transactions, including for accounting and tax classification

In addition we value lease portfolios, both for periodic monitoring and financial reporting purposes, as well as for wholesale acquisitions and dispositions.

Cross-border Transactions

Our experience in all major tax jurisdictions and hands-on knowledge of important equipment, facility and infrastructure asset classes has enabled us to meet the valuation requirements of lessors and financiers worldwide.

With background in both established markets characterized by complex transaction structures, and less mature markets now developing the financial and legal frameworks for lease financing, we are well positioned to serve transaction parties globally with their valuation needs.


Photo by scanrail/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by scanrail/iStock / Getty Images