Insurance Valuations

Insurance Valuations

The professionals of Rushton Atlantic have been valuing commercial assets for insurance purposes for over 45 years, and stand ready to provide valuation services to support our clients’ insurance needs in North America and around the globe.

A properly conducted current insurance valuation provides correct insurable values and assures proper coverage and appropriate premiums.  We customize our services to meet our clients’ needs, which may range from thorough onsite inspections with detailed asset listings to desktop analyses and updates.

Our insurance appraisals can be limited to specific assets such as buildings or can be broadened to include contents as well. The professionals of Rushton Atlantic have extensive experience in all asset types and the necessary resources to assist our clients, regardless of the specific nature of the insurable property.

The types of assets appraised by Rushton Atlantic for insurance purposes include:

  • Buildings and Structures
  • Personal Property
  • Machinery and Equipment

Services related to insurance inventory and insurance valuations include documentation and support related to:

  • Values for insurance placement
  • Specific premises of value required by insurance policies (i.e. replacement cost new or reproduction cost new)
  • Documentation at the time of loss due to fire, flood, wind or earthquake
  • Annual update services of current insurable values

Clients served include:

  • Corporations and insurance companies
  • Partnerships and private individuals
  • Governmental and nonprofit entities
Photo by Oktay Ortakcioglu/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Oktay Ortakcioglu/iStock / Getty Images