International Network

Global Asset Valuation and Advisory Network


Rushton Atlantic is a founding member of GAVAN, the Global Asset Valuation & Advisory Network, a global consortium whose collective mission is to provide seamless and responsive valuation-related service to clients anywhere in the world. 

The members of GAVAN bring both global expertise and an appreciation of the needs of international commerce and finance. Increasingly, the needs of our corporate and institutional clients extend beyond their home countries, and continents, and we pride ourselves on providing responsive asset valuation and asset management services on six continents bridging geography, language, customs and business cultures. 

GAVAN focuses its practice on providing global expertise and skill to international clients needing quick and accurate responses to strategic and transactional opportunities. The services provided to these clients are driven by insurance, tax, accounting, financing or fixed assets management. The strengths and experience of the staff of GAVAN member partners reflects their long term concentration of activities in precisely these areas.

Traditional valuation services include appraisals in the three primary categories of real property, machinery & equipment and business and intangible assets, and are performed for financing, insurance, investment, financial reporting, tax and regulatory purposes. 

GAVAN members’ specialties include manufacturing, surface transportation, renewable and conventional power generation, water, gas, telephone, exploration and refining, infrastructure and property investment

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GAVAN has fully staffed offices in Chicago, New York, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Monterrey, Quito, Sao Paulo, London, Madrid, Manchester, Paris, Warsaw, Dubai, Johannesburg, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai (plus eleven other locations in China), Melbourne and Sydney. 


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